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EPAK - what is all about

Electronic Platform of Competence Analysis (EPAK) – it is a reply to challenges standing currently before the higher education in Poland, in particular adapting the educational offer to needs of the labour market, resulting from:

This tool is used to examine the effects of the education get in the teaching process led at the college, future of the graduates of higher education institutions, prospective needs of employers in most desirable competence at recruits. EPAK is answering the question which competence acquired in the course of the learning are most useful for construction of the own path of the professional career. Everything is undergoing with taking into account the Domestic Framework of the Classification.

In the process EPAK enables to create school curricula better preparing young people for commencing the professional career.

The present time vs future

What is Epak?

In nowadays economy, in which turning points in many industries are happening almost every year, the knowledge can become unusually quickly outdated . That is why from a point of view of colleges monitoring what abilities provide being doing well currently on the labour market are so import, and which are slowly becoming a narrow niche losing on meaning. Graduates well prepared for taking challenges set by the employers are of course the great success of the college and high notes issued by accreditation institutions. Above all it is however an important step on the road to the economic development of the country and the structure of affluent society compound of people effecting the job studies in accordance with their acquired competence in the route, as well as realizing one's aspiration.

The amended Act from 2014 is enforcing the Law on the higher education regulation on the centralised system being based on the details about the graduates provided by the higher education institutions connected with information which The Social Insurance Institution has, taking off the duty from higher schools of monitoring the future of the graduates - let's leave the theory. In practice it is worthwhile taking into consideration guidelines of the Polskiej Komisji Akredytacyjnej. Among the requiremnts set by the committee it is said that the effects of the education must be constantly adapted to needs of the labour market among others through:

To sum up, theoretically a duty imposed on higher education institutions of examining the furure of the graduates disappeared from the act, however in practice colleges still must carry it out and what is more in much widened scale (because they must also analyse the employers). What is more, a form of such examinations was not determined precisely and as a result there is a diversified approach towards research process and methodology. All is leading to that aggregating of data, their analysis and drawing accurate conclusions on the level of for instance an only one college, composed of a few departments, is impossible.

EPAK was created exactly in order to solve presented higher problems. Thanks to applying the Internet survey, it helps to reach the population of the graduates of every faculty and data obtained from them immediately isput into the safe system enabling fast generating reports portraying different perspectives.

Additionally, the accumulation of the opinion of employers helps to learn, what abilities they expect from graduates currently and which will be searched in a few years. Juxtaposing this information with data obtained from persons already finishing their studies, is giving new opportunities in the fight against the most significant issues of the labour market in Poland are which:

Reducing the scale of the influence of these factors on the economy will allow in the large degree to exploit the potential of young people having a higher education. Releasing the graduates with the appropriate competence needed in enterprises will better let manage the companies, to produce better and more innovative products, and in consequence to maintain high rates of the economic development and to raise the overall quality of living in the country.

EPAK was prepared for 3 groups of recipients


If you are a representative of colleges, EPAK in the comfortable and cheap way will let you to monitor directional effects of the education as well as the future of the graduates (up to one year, after three and five years). You will do it in a few straight steps:

Thanks to that the whole process is taking less time much than in case of traditional methods and is giving better results. Achieved results can become one of criteria deciding on directions of the development of the higher education.

Do you want to take advantage of the system but you have additional questions? Look into the instruction or get in touch with the administrator of the program at your college. If your college is still not included, but you are going to change it, get in touch with us.


Are you finishing your studies and you are working or you are looking for a job now? Did you get the information that college which you finished made the questionnaire form available already in the EPAK system for your generation? In that case share the opinion about the program of studies and abilities purchased iduring studies. Log into your account and answer questions. If you do it:

Processed data will be collected in the anonymous way and will be used only for the purposes of the college and the EPAK project.

And perhaps you still are in contact with the friends from your year? If yes, remind them immediately that the questionnaire forms are also available for them.


Are you managing a company? Are you dealing with the recruitment process? If at least one of these questions has a positive answer, it means that EPAK was created also for you. Join the program and answer a few questions concerning what competence you are taking into consideration while employing a new person. Thanks to that:

All you need to do is to fill in a short survey, from which replies will be subjected to the anonymous statistical processing and presented in the form of the collective reports.

Open an account and answer our questions - now your opinion is counting!

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